We decided NOT to spam you with this, but, we are getting some requests. Zonmaster has updated the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy to hilight that we are GDPR compliant. Your data – and the data of your customers – is stored in an encrypted format in our database. We have processes in place… Read More

Zonmaster is happy to announce the Beta release of “Click Tracking”. Zonmaster has developed a solution to enable you to continue tracking clicks with your email campaigns. If you enable this feature, all of your email templates will have trackable links, and click metrics in the dashboards and analytics graphs will be visible in your… Read More

Last year Amazon implemented a scheme on Amazon.com whereby buyers could opt out of receiving emails from sellers. This feature has now been rolled out across the entire Amazon ecosystem, meaning that now buyers from Europe and India, as well as North America, can now choose to no longer receive “non-critical” emails from sellers. The… Read More

[UPDATE]:¬†We have resolved the issues with “Message without Contents”. There is still an issue with tracking email opens. We are developing a new technology for this and we’ll post here once it is released! [UPDATE]: Email Opens are again being tracked! —— Amazon is up to their old tricks again! Another new rollout has caused… Read More

As you may have heard, Amazon decided to make changes to their website and services that essentially wiped out the ability to match reviews to customers. We’ve been working hard to come up with a viable solution, and we think we’ve got one – but with exceptions. What You Need To Do Make sure you’ve… Read More

At Zonmaster we’re always looking for ways to improve our services to you so that you can get a better handle on your Amazon business. Whether you’re a big or small seller we think you should have access to the same kind of great tools. As any business person will tell you, know where you’re… Read More

We’ve had nicknames for quite some time. Nicknames are essentially custom titles you can give to products for the sake of having something short and sweet in the email and not having the (let’s face it, sometimes ridiculously long!) product title that you have on Amazon. And now, Zonmaster supports giving an item a different… Read More

For our higher-level customers we offer the ability to download a CSV file of your customers, their purchases and your interactions with them. Up until now this feature has been ‘on request’ only, meaning that you had to email us and we would create the file and email it to you. This was always problematic… Read More

A/B Split Testing now available on ZonMaster

I know, I know! You’ve been asking for a way to do split testing for some time! Finally we have the first stage of our solution in place. What It Is You can set a template to go out to all orders or to odd numbered orders or even numbered orders. Amazon pretty much splits… Read More

Over the past few days we’ve been sneaking out some new features. One of them is Automatic Blacklisting of Customers. What it does A few of you have asked for this – some way of automatically blacklisting customers in certain situations so you don’t have to worry about them getting ‘canned’ emails that might not… Read More