Amazon has changed its permissions structure again. This means that for us to be able to successfully send out automated Review Requests you will need to update the permissions you have given the Zonmaster secondary user on your account. Please check the SCI Seller Central Integration page ( on Zonmaster for full detailed instructions on… Read More

We’ve been busy over here at Zonmaster Central working on our new product –¬† Zonmaster for Shopify! We’re looking for a couple of Shopify sellers who might want to help us out with a little testing. If you are interested and have an active shop of Shopify please SEND US AN EMAIL to DO… Read More

We’ve gone through the list of available Amazon marketplaces and exposed a couple of more inside the Zonmaster UI. New marketplaces that you can target and see stats for include: Netherlands Singapore¬† United Arab Emirates (UAE)¬† Brazil   As usual, all these marketplaces are available to all Zonmaster customers, regardless of plan!… Read More

We’ve updated the Zonmaster website! When you log in you’ll see that we’ve made some visual changes. All of this sits on top of some big internal changes. But most if not all the features you used should still be where they were, and working pretty much the same. Please let us know if you… Read More

We are close to releasing an exciting new feature Automatic Review Requests What is it? Well, you know Amazon has rolled out this new little button called ‘Request a Review’. It looks like this:   This is Amazon’s new way that they want you to use to request a review from your customers. You shouldn’t… Read More

In the wake of yesterday’s news, we are STRONGLY recommending (i.e please do it!) you remove any buyer name related shortcodes/variables from your email templates. These are: %%buyer_name%% %%buyer_first_name%% %%buyer_last_name%% For orders placed after September 4th or so, that data will not be available. Also, to those of you who just signed up to ZonMaster,… Read More

Some of you may have noticed that Buyer Name (and exact shipping address) are no longer available for your orders. The reason for this change is because Amazon published a new Data Protection Policy earlier this year. This policy announced that Amazon will no longer provide Amazon seller software companies (such as ZonMaster) with identifiable… Read More

We’ve had Sales Rank tracking in Zonmaster since the beginning, but, finally we have gotten around to bringing it more up to date. The first step in these improvements – there are more to come! – is improving the tracking and display for those of you selling the same SKU in multiple marketplaces (we’re talking… Read More

Overview Seller Central Integration (SCI) is a way for Zonmaster to connect to your Seller Central account to import key information. Order imports, negative feedback imports and email sending use your MWS credentials and do not require SCI. However, the following features do require Seller Central Integration: Positive feedback imports Excluding buyers who have already… Read More