You asked for it, we did it! You can now create special accounts for your Virtual Assistants (or anyone. Your mom if you like!). Under the ‘User’ menu (top right) there should now be a ‘Manage Admins’ entry. Be going in there you can invite other people to come and admin your ZonMaster account. You… Read More

ZonMaster can now match reviews to the customer that posted them, enabling you to see who is leaving emails based on what order. This should allow you to determine more effectively what email templates are generating positive responses. This functionality works for US and UK stores! For more info see the page about this hereĀ (login… Read More

If there is an order that, for whatever reason, you don’t want to send emails to, you can now go to that order and click a button that will disable the sending. If you change your mind you can re-enable it. Note, all the rules for sending still apply, so, if you disable it and… Read More

There’s a new field in the email templates: product nick name. You can assign a product (or as we call them, item) a nick name by going to the details page on any item (eg Underneath the thumbnail of the item will be a new field called ‘nickname’. If you click on the underlined… Read More