We’ve restructured the template editing page a little bit to group things together in a more logical flow (we think!). So first we have the NAME of the template. This is an internal name that your customers won’t see, so you can call it anything you like to remind yourself what it does (e.g. “Order… Read More

We aren’t Amazon. We can’t answer this question with certainty. We would urge you to consult the Amazon Prohibited Seller Activities and Actions found here to ensure that the content of your message meets Amazon standards.… Read More

There are 2 ways you can stop sending to a customer about an order. Blacklist the customer Go to the Blacklist management page and click ‘Add New Entry’. Here you can type in one or many (one per line) Amazon seller email addresses (you know, those crazy qw2smy2gutcr61k@marketplace.amazon.com type addresses). After clicking ‘Create Blacklist’ your entries will… Read More

The “email variables” are essentially information placeholders for your messages.  For example, placing the %%buyer_first_name%% variable in your message body (ex. “Hello %%buyer_first_name%% !” – a greeting at the beginning of the message), will replace the variable placeholder with the first name of the customer who placed the order. For any of the link variables (see… Read More