This is the #1 question we get and of course there are many possible reasons, but here’s the top 3 reasons we’ve seen.   1) Incorrect Sales Channel setting on the template. On each template you can set which purchasing Sales Channel (i.e. Amazon website that the customer bought from) this template gets applied to.… Read More

It’s not enough to know that you can send emails out to people based on triggers after they buy from you. The real question is what to say in the email! We’ve put together a couple of starter packs of email templates – each with 3 emails, one focused on getting you more seller feedback,… Read More

We’re starting to roll out more territories and the first to go into trial is India’s When you create a new store you’ll see in the drop down. Right now it looks like we can get all order and item information. What we CAN’T get is package tracking. Most of’s packages are… Read More

Our other addition to email templates for reviews is the ability to send an email based on a review being left. To do this look in the ‘Send Trigger’ dropdown. After the old triggers of Confirmed, Shipped, Delivered and Returned we’ve added a group of levels (similar to the ones in Stop On Review). Check… Read More

If you’ve been following along with ZonMaster updates you know that we have been working hard on tying customer reviews to customer orders.  Now the next step is to let you do something with that info. The first of two features on the email templates to use customer reviews is ‘Stop on Review’ (found in… Read More