I’m sure you know this already, but, people are lazy. This can sometimes go in your favor, if you know how to take advantage of it. We have a new shortcode available for your email templates that DOES take advantage of this irrefutable fact to get you more positive seller feedback. The shortcode is called… Read More

Just a quickie. Users like visual cues and often respond better to an image than the 1000 words it represents ūüėČ So we’ve added a new shortcode –¬†%%review_link_button%%¬†– that replaces the text link to have your customers review your product ¬†with a button. Give it a try and let us know how it goes!… Read More

Adding All Items A lot of you just have one set of templates, so you want those to go out to all your buyers. We’ve made that a little easier with our new ‘Use For All Items’ switch. Turning this on (as seen above) means that this template will apply to all orders in the… Read More

In another new feature, we’ve rolled out Category Ranking stats and charts. We’ve always¬†shown you how Amazon is ranking your items. Now we are keeping a history of that, and showing you the trend in each Category. As with almost everything in ZonMaster, we track ALL your items for ALL the categories. We really hate… Read More