We’ve overhauled the orders listings page (here) to give you more power and more info. New Search and Filter More Fields Now you can filter on more fields specifically, which lets us perform faster searches. We’ll break them down in a minute. In addition, on relevant search fields, you can also filter your results even… Read More

Another new update to the website is a bit of a rewrite to how Products are associated to templates. As a reminder, inside each email template you need to specify which of your products this template will be associated with, or say that it is for all your products. We’ve now changed the functionality slightly.… Read More

We are going through the website and making some updates! Yeah! Finally! On the Email Templates listings page we’ve given you more direct visibility of some stats and also more direct access to some functions. Quick Stats Now right from the email listings you can see your 3 most important stats. Number of emails queued… Read More