An article in “The Street” reports that at long last Amazon has changed one of it’s more painful pricing policies – that third-party sellers have to have their lowest price available on Amazon. The clauses prevented sellers who listed on Amazon’s marketplace from listing their products more cheaply on other websites. See the full article here… Read More

A recent survey puts Amazon as the place that over 70% of respondents go to to buy beauty products. Especially interesting is the statistics that 65% use Amaon’s search to find the products. Read the full article over on… Read More

Amazon has allowed some companies to send out samples to buyers that Amazon determines might be interested in their products. It looks like maybe Amazon is stepping up those relationships, if this NBC News article is anything to go on. BSN North America, makers of protein bars and such, sent out 100,000 samples just last… Read More, out of the UK, are reporting that Amazon is changing the way they purchase stock. Looks like Amazon is exerting more control over how companies sell on their platform. It does seem targeted at certain brands for now, but who know what the future will bring!   You can read the whole article here… Read More