When you signed up with Zonmaster you gave us your Amazon Seller info – Seller ID, MWS Auth Token, Send From email address etc. You can update some of these, and configure other settings, on your Amazon Store’s Settings page. To get there go to the ‘Settings’ menu and select ‘Store Settings’ (or click here)… Read More

1) Start By Setting Dates Technically you don’t HAVE to do this, but, it is strongly (x 1000) recommend. Edit your email template and go to the “For Orders Placed Between The Dates:” section under “When?”. Click in each field to show the date picker and choose a start and stop date.   (of course,… Read More

Inline Images You can upload and insert an image into your email by using the ‘Insert Image’ icon in the toolbar. Unfortunately, there are two of these! You need to use the rightmost one (if you hover over it it will say ‘Insert an image from your computer’).   Images from ShortCodes There are also… Read More

Why Use ShortCodes? One of the things that makes a system like Zonmaster so powerful is that you don’t have to write an email for each and every product and customer. By using shortcodes you can substitute in things for the current order automatically. Back in the old days we used to call this ‘Mail… Read More

We decided NOT to spam you with this, but, we are getting some requests. Zonmaster has updated the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy to hilight that we are GDPR compliant. Your data – and the data of your customers – is stored in an encrypted format in our database. We have processes in place… Read More

Amazon.com, Inc. (“Amazon”) recently began blocking messages that are sent to buyers who have chosen to “opt out of unsolicited messages” from Amazon. Many sellers have come to us with questions, so we’re sharing our answers here. What does it mean if a buyer “opts out of unsolicited messages?” Buyers who have opted out of… Read More

This is the #1 question we get and of course there are many possible reasons, but here’s the top 3 reasons we’ve seen.   1) Incorrect Sales Channel setting on the template. On each template you can set which purchasing Sales Channel (i.e. Amazon website that the customer bought from) this template gets applied to.… Read More

We aren’t Amazon. We can’t answer this question with certainty. We would urge you to consult the Amazon Prohibited Seller Activities and Actions found here to ensure that the content of your message meets Amazon standards.… Read More

There are 2 ways you can stop sending to a customer about an order. Blacklist the customer Go to the Blacklist management page and click ‘Add New Entry’. Here you can type in one or many (one per line) Amazon seller email addresses (you know, those crazy qw2smy2gutcr61k@marketplace.amazon.com type addresses). After clicking ‘Create Blacklist’ your entries will… Read More