A/B Split Testing now available on ZonMaster

I know, I know! You’ve been asking for a way to do split testing for some time! Finally we have the first stage of our solution in place. What It Is You can set a template to go out to all orders or to odd numbered orders or even numbered orders. Amazon pretty much splits… Read More

As you know a lot of people are reeling from Amazon’s changing of the rules about allowing customers to opt out of emails from sellers. Some people think that this means that you can no longer contact customers. This is not true. If you try to contact a customer Amazon will not deliver the message… Read More

Creating Your First Template Sometimes setting up your first email template can be a little confusing, what with all those options! Here’s a little video where ZonMaster founder Phil Smy walks you through configuring a basic email template. We take you through all the settings – from when the email template will get triggered, to… Read More

So you want to get started selling on Amazon? Here’s a quick checklist to get you going! Research Products Start immediately with Retail Arbitrage and/or Online Arbitrage Scan and Find Items Under 100k Rank w/ Good Ratings Focus on a 50-100% Return on Investment (ROI) Purchase 30 Items and Send 1st Shipment Setting Up Your… Read More