In another new feature, we’ve rolled out Category Ranking stats and charts. We’ve always shown you how Amazon is ranking your items. Now we are keeping a history of that, and showing you the trend in each Category. As with almost everything in ZonMaster, we track ALL your items for ALL the categories. We really hate… Read More

Increase Your Brand Visibility One thing that many Amazon FBA sellers strive for is brand awareness (we’ve linked in a cool article about building brand awareness). And one key to this in the crowded (dare I say ‘bustling’?) space of the Amazon Marketplace is a great logo. Now in your ZonMaster email templates you can automatically include… Read More

Amazon FBA Japan Support A lot of you have requested this and now we are happy to report that ZonMaster supports all you Amazon Sellers who are selling on (Japan). All our features including review matching and seller feedback support are available in this new marketplace. All ZonMaster accounts have access to this new… Read More

You’re selling on Amazon FBA, and you want results. For example, when you decide to stock a new SKU, you expect orders to roll in tomorrow—not a week from now. You want to own the Buy Box for that item—not share it with a multitude of other vendors. You’re not screwing around here! When it comes to feedback solicitation, however, are… Read More

Big Data, Not Just For Big Businesses Big businesses aren’t the only ones making data-driven decisions. With the advent of open APIs and SaaS platforms such as ZonMaster, Amazon merchants are now gaining access to information only dreamed about in years past. In this post, we’ll look at how ZonMaster helps you to make more data-driven… Read More

Where in the World? Carrying on from our update that broke down sales by ‘Channel’ (i.e. Amazon site), we’ve added a further analysis of yours sales – this time by country. You access this chart by clicking on ‘Country Details’ below the Channels pie chart on the Orders overview page ( This information is very… Read More

Just a quickie here. We’ve added a pie chart (the tastiest of all the charts!) to your orders overview page that shows you which channels (i.e. Amazon site) your orders came from. For some of you selling only on this might not be so interesting, but those of you with a more global (or… Read More

I won’t lie. We’re pretty excited about this one. On EVERY order we’ve added a timeline so you can see what happened and when. This includes Purchase Time Shipping Time Delivery Time Estimated Delivery Time Email Sends Review Dates Seller Feedback Dates No other Amazon Seller tool gives you this much info, so easily accessible.… Read More

More Stats On Orders In the second of our releases that exposes more stats, this time we’ve got a graph that gives you an overview of your orders. This graph can be found on the orders listing page: Broken down by month, and going back as far as we have orders for your stores, we… Read More