Where in the World? Carrying on from our update that broke down sales by ‘Channel’ (i.e. Amazon site), we’ve added a further analysis of yours sales – this time by country. You access this chart by clicking on ‘Country Details’ below the Channels pie chart on the Orders overview page (https://www.zonmaster.com/orders). This information is very… Read More

Just a quickie here. We’ve added a pie chart (the tastiest of all the charts!) to your orders overview page that shows you which channels (i.e. Amazon site) your orders came from. For some of you selling only on Amazon.com this might not be so interesting, but those of you with a more global (or… Read More

I won’t lie. We’re pretty excited about this one. On EVERY order we’ve added a timeline so you can see what happened and when. This includes Purchase Time Shipping Time Delivery Time Estimated Delivery Time Email Sends Review Dates Seller Feedback Dates No other Amazon Seller tool gives you this much info, so easily accessible.… Read More

More Stats On Orders In the second of our releases that exposes more stats, this time we’ve got a graph that gives you an overview of your orders. This graph can be found on the orders listing page: https://www.zonmaster.com/orders Broken down by month, and going back as far as we have orders for your stores, we… Read More

MFN Power Do you manage your own fulfillment instead of using Amazon’s FBA service? If so, then ZonMaster has an update that adds even more power to your orders. From today, ZonMaster will offer the same level of tracking packages to MFN shipments as we do for FBA shipments. No more uploading spreadsheets to ZonMaster!… Read More

Creating Your First Template Sometimes setting up your first email template can be a little confusing, what with all those options! Here’s a little video where ZonMaster founder Phil Smy walks you through configuring a basic email template. We take you through all the settings – from when the email template will get triggered, to… Read More

We’re trying to expose more of the statistics we’re gathering to you, the seller. The latest one is more detailed sales stats for your items. Through a series of graphs we offer you greater insight into number of units shipped and returned, as well as reviews that items have received. First, on the items listing… Read More

As most of you Amazon sellers know, Amazon is implementing tighter control over the selling of recognized brand names on their platform. Here’s what we officially know: Amazon will start charging new sellers a fee to register to sell a brand These sellers will need to register their authorization to sell the brand The one-time… Read More

At ZonMaster one of our goals is to bring these sales-boosting services to people just starting out selling private label goods via Amazon FBA, when you need it most. So today we’re announcing two new plans. Mini Plan $6.99/month 500 Emails Per Month Full Access to all ZonMaster features like Seller Feedback triggering, Review Matching, Pre-Made… Read More

This is something that a lot of you have asked for! We’re happy to announce that now you can send a specific email template triggered by whether the customer has left Seller Feedback (as opposed to a product review) on an order. For negative (or neutral) feedback of 3 or under this is available for… Read More