At ZonMaster one of our goals is to bring these sales-boosting services to people just starting out selling private label goods via Amazon FBA, when you need it most. So today we’re announcing two new plans. Mini Plan $6.99/month 500 Emails Per Month Full Access to all ZonMaster features like Seller Feedback triggering, Review Matching, Pre-Made… Read More

This is something that a lot of you have asked for! We’re happy to announce that now you can send a specific email template triggered by whether the customer has left Seller Feedback (as opposed to a product review) on an order. For negative (or neutral) feedback of 3 or under this is available for… Read More

UPDATE: The video that is/used to be linked to on this page is out of date. See updated instructions here inside your ZonMaster account.   A couple of months ago we rolled out the Seller Central Prep page which required you to run Google Chrome as a browser and install a plugin to help us match… Read More

Amazon has updated its review policy again, but this time, it’s for shoppers—not sellers. See the latest “Customer Review Guidelines” Previous Version Who may write a review? To post a review, customers must spend at least $5.00 using a valid credit or debit card. Prime subscriptions and promotional discounts don’t qualify towards the $5.00 minimum.… Read More

A lot of you are selling variations – different colour, container size, etc etc – of the same product. Now on ZonMaster you can see that! On the items listing page we’ve put a small P in the box with the ASIN and SKU. That P will show the parent ASIN of the product. If there is any.… Read More

This is the #1 question we get and of course there are many possible reasons, but here’s the top 3 reasons we’ve seen.   1) Incorrect Sales Channel setting on the template. On each template you can set which purchasing Sales Channel (i.e. Amazon website that the customer bought from) this template gets applied to.… Read More

It’s not enough to know that you can send emails out to people based on triggers after they buy from you. The real question is what to say in the email! We’ve put together a couple of starter packs of email templates – each with 3 emails, one focused on getting you more seller feedback,… Read More

We’re starting to roll out more territories and the first to go into trial is India’s When you create a new store you’ll see in the drop down. Right now it looks like we can get all order and item information. What we CAN’T get is package tracking. Most of’s packages are… Read More